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How can doctors-in-training take advantage of the distinct liberty they have to bond the patient Stephan, a fourth-year medical student in Cincinnati when interviewed and now an ophthalmology resident, reflects on how the art of connecting deeply with patients is not prioritized — but this can be remedied. He tells a story about a patient he met on his internal medicine rotation that illustrates how medical students are in a unique position to cultivate relationships in health care.

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Wearable technology is booming right now, Jawbone Up, Fuelbands, Fitbits, and even Samsung getting into the market. But what about medical wearables? Is there space for technology that creates continuous streams of clinical-grade data that health care professionals can utilize? And how can medical students get into that entrepreneurial space? We recently chatted with Raj Gokal, entrepreneur in residence at Rock Health, co-founder of Sano Intelligence, for the second in our five-part series about entrepreneurship.

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The cadaver lab speaks for itself. Responding, however, is more difficult. This is a eulogy asks forgiveness for every joke, jab and cringe delivered in medical school’s temporary tombs.