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Asian Medical Student Association Pakistan Hosts Inter-Medical College Quiz Competition

4. Quiz competition in progress

Quiz competition participants

Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) Pakistan organized an inter-medical college quiz competition on March 4, 2015 at Frontier Medical College in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The event was organized on a national level in collaboration with Asian Medical Student Association International, an organization that represents medical students in 16 countries throughout Asia and the Asia-Pacific.

The quiz competition was based on common geriatric diseases that included hypertension, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. A total of 12 teams participated from different prestigious medical colleges of Pakistan, including Rawalpindi Medical College, Peshawar Medical and Dental College, Ayub Medical College, Rehman Medical College, Bannu Medical College, Frontier Medical College and Foundation University Medical College.

3. Executive Director Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Medical College enoying the compe along with the Chief Guest

The Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer of Frontier Medical College

The pleasant day started with an extreme state of excitement. The guest of the event was Deputy Commissioner Officer Capt. Khalid Mehmood. The audience was honoured by the presence of Executive Director of Frontier Medical College Lt. Col. Shaheena Jamil and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Asad Jamil Khan along with the senior faculty members. The Regional Chairperson of AMSA Pakistan Salman Qureshi and Vice Regional Chair Nimra H. Malik were also present at the occasion. Nayab Niazi, college representative of AMSA Pakistan, served as the coordinator of the event.

Salman Qureshi, president of AMSA Pakistan

The event formally started with the recitation of Holy Quran which was followed by the presidential address by the Mr. Salman Qureshi, the Regional Chairperson of AMSA Pakistan. Afterwards, Nimra Malik and Hamza Qamar took charge of the stage and invited all of the teams to start the first round of quiz competition.

After the first round, all the participants and guests were served high-tea on behalf of AMSA Pakistan and Frontier Welfare Society. The competition was resumed soon thereafter. The zeal, spirit and ardor of the audience were worth watching while they were supporting their respective institutes. The hall echoed with clapping and shouting.

5. The executive team of AMSA Pakistan standing with the administration of Frontier Medical College during the Closing ceremony

AMSA Pakistan’s executive team and the Frontier Medical College administration during the closing ceremony

The event concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. Shields were awarded to the winning teams while all other participating teams were awarded with certificates of appreciation. Miss Shaheena Jamil, Executive Director Officer of Frontier Medical College, congratulated the winning teams and appreciated the efforts of AMSA Pakistan. The efforts of AMSA Pakistan were also admired by the chief guest Deputy Commissioner Officer Capt. Khalid Mehmood. He said that such activities bring a positive impact on society and should be carried on in all such institutes.

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