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CUNY School of Medicine

Michael is a medical student at the Sophie Davis/CUNY School of Medicine in New York City, a seven-year combined BS/MD program in New York City, Class of 2026. In 2022, he graduated from the City College of New York with a Bachelor's of Science in biomedical sciences. He enjoys playing billiards and the classical guitar in his free time. After graduating medical school, Michael is interested in a career in vascular or cerebrovascular surgery. His research interests include regenerative medicine, medical education and medical technology.


“Nurse! Nurse! Please help me! Can someone please help me?”  For several minutes, her cries echoed through the halls. Something felt wrong. I brought her cries to the attention of the Charge Nurse.  “Oh Michael, don’t worry about her, she’s delirious.”  “Really? She seems like she needs some help.” I replied.  Boldly, I walked into the patient’s room. In front of me was Lucy, an elderly frail woman with a very disfigured face.  She looked …

Kareem Zuhdi Kareem Zuhdi (1 Posts)

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Morsani College of Medicine

Kareem Zuhdi is a first year medical student passionate about narrative medicine, quality improvement and mental and physical well-being. Studying to get his MD at the Morsani College of Medicine, he also works on the side as a volunteer crisis counselor for a suicide and crisis hotline as well as on the Lancet’s Child and Adolescent Health International Youth Advisory Panel. In his free time, Kareem loves kayaking, playing tennis and exploring new restaurants.