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John is a third year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University (Sidney Kimmel Medical College) in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to attending medical school, he completed a Bachelor of Science in microbiology at University of Idaho and worked in Boise's rapidly-developing tele-health sector. He has long-standing interests in medical education, disability advocacy, and technology-in-medicine, with extended interest in artificial intelligence. In his free time, he enjoys running, yoga, and traveling with his wife.

Should Medical Students Be Using Twitter?

Is it worth a medical student’s precious time to be tweeting? Don’t we waste enough time on Facebook and Instagram? Is it just another platform where we can get criticized for lack of professionalism? All of these are important questions to be asking. I learned over time that Twitter could be used as a powerful tool for the eager medical student, if used correctly.

Image Sharing App Figure 1 Improves Access to Medical Education

Figure 1, the Instagram for doctors, aspires to change the way that physicians around the world collaborate. Figure 1 is a free app for sharing medical images. The vast collection of archived images allows health professionals and medical learners to view everything from classic textbook cases of winged scapula to the once-in-a-lifetime cases of harlequin ichthyosis. Dr. Joshua Landy is the chief medical officer of Figure 1. Landy, along with co-founders Greg Levey and Richard Penner, officially launched the app in January 2013.

Interview with Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

As medicine moves into the 21st century, how will medical education adapt? Also, what is digital literacy, and what does it mean for the physician of tomorrow? Today, we have Dr. Bryan Vartabedian from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. When he’s not doing scopes as a pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Vartabedian blogs about the intersection of medicine and technology at 33Charts and can be found on Twitter at @Doctor_V.

Interview with Dr. Cranquis

This week, History & Physical sits down with Dr. Cranquis, who has been called the “grandfather of the Tumblr ‘medblr’ community,” and is the dean of the Princeton-Medbloro Teaching Hospital, the first Tumblr-based residency program. Dr. Cranquis is an urgent care physician and blogs about his experiences on Dr. Cranquis’ Mumbled Gripes. In this podcast, we spoke with Dr. Cranquis about the medical community on Tumblr, humor in medicine, and social media as a means of communication, coping and camaraderie for medical students.

Zero Bars

In this day and time, the primary method of communication revolves around social media and technology. Phones, pagers, computers and tablets have overtaken the “snail mail” of a bygone era. No matter what remote corner of the planet you inhabit, you have the ability to stay connected with your loved ones and personal interests. In our careers, we have come to realize that multitasking, especially through web-related technology, is the most productive usage of our …

Emergency Management @The_Hospital: The Boston Marathon Bombings and the Tweets that Followed

Check Twitter. From two blocks away, it was difficult to tell what had happened near the finish line, but the smoke and the movements of the crowd were enough to know that it was time for us to leave. As we hurried home, I sent the above texts, a mere five minutes after the explosions. Concerned, my friend immediately called with the news that not only had I beaten traditional news outlets to the punch, …

Grief and Social Media

On June 8, 2012, William Ferrell, the pseudonym for a friend I have chosen to write on, passed away. He and I were not terribly close friends. Playing in the marching band together for three years, we would talk about the microcosm of high school and about out political views, but we never invested further in each other’s lives. We may have spoken once in person after graduation. What I remember the most about his …

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Mahesh is a member of the class of 2014 at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Strong interest in the interplay of social and medical ethics; evidence based medicine.