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Kenyan Life: Soundings from a Slemenda

Between my first and second years of medical school, I was fortunate to receive the AMPATH Slemenda Scholarship.  This scholarship allowed me to experience medicine in the global health arena first hand as I worked in Eldoret, Kenya. AMPATH (Academic Model Providing Access To Healthcare) is a consortium of North American and Kenyan academic institutions...


How can doctors-in-training help each other remember what an honor it is to be a doctor? Joseph, a fourth-year medical student at Rush Medical College who hopes to enter a pediatric residency with a public policy focus and to pursue a hematology-oncology fellowship, shares his reflections after attending this year's Gold Humanism Honor Society Biennial...
Comfort Food for the Med Student: Collard Greens and Black-Eyed Pea Soup

Comfort Food for the Med Student: Collard Greens and Black-Eyed Pea Soup

“Nothing is more needed than nourishment for the imagination.” This quote from an article in The Atlantic entitled “For the Young Doctor About to Burn Out” is one that is profoundly meaningful as we start the last year of medical school. While most of our mind is occupied with the thoughts of where we will match and spend the...
Interview with Ajay Major and Aleena Paul

Interview with Ajay Major and Aleena Paul

There’s a lot going on social media regarding sharing information, discussion and, most importantly, authorship. The typical notion of publication in medicine -- getting an article or paper in a prestigious journal with high impact factor -- is falling to the wayside as the democratization of information renders researchers, physicians and medical students more accessible....

Code Blue: See One, Do One

I had experienced codes before. Prior to entering medical school, I had worked as an emergency room scribe, charting patient encounters as they unfolded. I considered myself familiar with a code’s whirlwind of action, always one step away from the true pandemonium. After all, I had stood on its borders, plucking shouted orders and silent...

Finding Your Voice in Medical School

One of the biggest challenges medical students face is finding their voice: with their medical team, with the hospital staff, with patients, and with their chosen specialty. As a medical student, you want to be proactive, to advocate for the patient, and to learn the best management techniques. But ‘proactive’ for one physician can easily...

Stars, Dollar Bills, and Other Essentials

Ms. Miller is a fading star. At first glance, I begin painting an elaborate picture in my head of Ms. Miller in her brilliant shining glory. Young. Stubborn. Beautiful. Loved. I have no way of knowing if these things are true, but in my head I must believe them because it’s just way too sad...

Married Medical Student: Prioritizing Date Night

As a tour guide on interview days for my school, the most frequent question I am asked is: “What’s it like to be married — or to pursue a relationship — while in medical school?” This question is understandable. More than a year ago, I was asking the same question to medical students I met...
My Stimulant Use in Med School: The Good, The Bad, The Victory

My Stimulant Use in Med School: The Good, The Bad, The Victory

Monday mornings of my first semester of med school I’d reach into the smaller pocket of my backpack, grabbing around until I heard that pill-rattle sound. Over time, it’d come to rival my coffee machine in its Pavlovian salivation production.


How can doctors-in-training actually practice medicine “narratively”? Daniel, a fourth-year medical student applying in pediatrics and a graduate of Columbia University's Master of Science Program in Narrative Medicine, grapples with how to humanize the practice of medicine, especially while up against the limitations of effecting change as a medical student. He concludes with a poignant...

Treating the Disease and Treating the Illness

Standing at the foot of her hospital bed, it was clear to me — as it was to the attending physician – that my grandmother was suffering from a disease: an obvious structural disorder identified by scientific medicine as negatively impacting her health. Hilar mass, cavitation, hypercalcemia. Keratin pearls, intercellular bridges. Hemotypsis, dyspnea, edema. It was...

Gun Safety: A Florida Invasion on the Doctor-Patient Relationship

You’re working at a pediatric primary care clinic and enter the room of a five-year-old boy and his mother for a routine physical. You ask about the child’s general health the past year, his diet, exercise, among other things. Then you start to ask questions relating to the patient’s safety, such as his use of seat...
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