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rivers of blood
by formaldehyde

our gloved fingers
trace the path
they used to flow

the smell of
excitement and
diffuses across the lab

we tug, pull,
slice, snip
saw through bone
never realized how
destructive this would be

but we remember
the purpose
of all this breaking down
is building up our knowledge

I look down and
a classmate whispered
our first patient

tufts of hair
surgical incisions

pieces of him remain
showing only a snapshot
of seventy years

he teaches
without saying a word

hours pass
daylight wanes
we exit
talk about dinner plans
talk about school
talk about the weekend

life goes on
as we zip the bodies up again
did we already forget
they used to live among
the land of the living?

but I linger behind
I do not want to forget

here is my prayer of gratitude
just to be here
in this moment

Anna Delamerced Anna Delamerced (4 Posts)

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Warren Alpert Medical School

Through Brown University's Program in Liberal Medical Education, I'm committed to a career in medicine, but I also love learning about art, cultures, histories and languages. An avid traveler, I'm passionate about meeting new people and immersing myself in different places. In the future, I hope to become an intellectually enriched and empathetic physician, and to serve as a medical missionary.