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Queen's University

Maggie Hulbert is a member of the Class of 2020 at Queen's University. She is an active member of the medical humanities community, and spent this past year developing the first Jacalyn Duffin Health and Humanities Conference. Her favorite writers include Danielle Ofri, Roxane Gay and Samantha Irby.


I am worried. I am worried because of what Lungs told me. I have been friends with Lungs a long time and he would not lie to me. “Big Brain is trying to kill us.” This is what Lungs said. I do not want to believe it, but Big Brain is smart and bad. There was one time Big Brain made Man jump out of an airplane.

Daniel Coleman Daniel Coleman (5 Posts)

Medical Student Editor

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Daniel graduated from Tufts University in 2004. His subsequent pursuits included everything from cell cycle research to manufacturing shampoo. Medically, his interests lie in emergency and wilderness medicine, infectious disease, and health care sustainability. Daniel is medical student at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Class of 2017.