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My White Coat

This piece is part of in-Training Mental Health Week.

Egg shell coat:
Tread softly,
To not crack the illusion
Of knowledge,
Bold aspirations.

Short coat:
Stand tall,
To not shrink to its size;
Let it cover the insecurity,
The blank canvas.

Unblemished coat:
Wrap tightly,
To not let slip the bandage camouflage
Over contusions from steep climbs,
Sleepless nights.

Thin coat:
Button carefully,
To not fray the meager threads;
Unravel by barbed words,
Piercing uncertainty.

Heavy coat:
Fill slowly,
To not forget hidden pockets
Of steely resolve,
Silver linings.

My white coat,
Never my jaded coat.

My uniform,
Never my armor.

Keenan Hogan Keenan Hogan (4 Posts)

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Class of 2017 medical student at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.