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Warren Alpert Medical School

Through Brown University's Program in Liberal Medical Education, I'm committed to a career in medicine, but I also love learning about art, cultures, histories and languages. An avid traveler, I'm passionate about meeting new people and immersing myself in different places. In the future, I hope to become an intellectually enriched and empathetic physician, and to serve as a medical missionary.

Human Growth Mechanisms

I wrote this poem during my first year as a medical student while learning physiology. I was struck by the concept of human growth mechanisms. I found it fascinating that our organs grow and change in size through such concrete cellular mechanisms. Growth is such a universal and fundamental characteristic to living beings, and I wanted to play with both language and form to contrast a scientific explanation of growth to the emotional growth that occurs when we experience pain or suffering.

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University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Allyson is a first year medical student at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine in Orlando, FL. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Southern California with a degree in neuroscience. She is interested in pursuing a career in pediatric critical care or emergency medicine. Outside of school, Allyson enjoys photography and anything chocolate. Fall weekends find her loudly cheering on her alma mater’s football team.