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Achoo! (2022)


Melissa Warne (2022)
pencil on paper

The goal of this image is to make light of the traditional idea of art as something deep and profound. Art can be funny too, and this cartoon-ish piece makes art out of the mundane and somewhat gross experience of blowing one’s nose.

Melissa Warne (3 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Albany Medical College

Melissa is a third year medical student at Albany Medical College in Albany, NY class of 2023. In 2019, she graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in visual arts. She enjoys drawing, painting, cooking, playing tennis, hiking with her husband, and crocheting hats for her 4 (soon to be 6) nephews in her free time. After graduating medical school, Melissa would like to pursue a career in ophthalmology.