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Beacons of Hope (2015)

Beacons of Hope

Yan Leyfman (2015)
digital photography

The roses portrayed in this photograph represent a new generation, with a brighter vision and new hope for a more prosperous future. They illustrate the ideas of innovation within the realm of medicine, technology and science. These two lone creatures, with their majestic scarlet petals, shine brightly as beacons of industrialization for the advancement of our society to the 21st century.

As aspiring physicians it is our duty to extend our knowledge of these novel innovations, incorporate them into our respective practices and utilize them to provide world-class care. Medicine is a never-ending journey of knowledge and advancement; as the roses continue to grow bigger, brighter and more resplendent than ever before, so does medicine.

Yan Leyfman (4 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Penn State College of Medicine

Yan Leyfman is a medical student at the Penn State College of Medicine.