Through the course of medical education, students learn to call for “consults” from various medical specialties. Yet, consults can come in many forms — from social work, nutrition, law, ethics and policy. There is also much to be learned from premedical and post-bacc students, who may be walking into medicine with a fresh set of eyes. “Consults” invites experienced non-clinicians and undergraduates to contribute pieces relevant to the medical student community.

Shree Nadkarni (1 Posts)

Pre-Medical Guest Writer

The College of New Jersey and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Shree Nadkarni is a BS/MD student at The College of New Jersey and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School majoring in biology. He blogs about health policy, medical education, and the future of healthcare at

Matt Agritelley (1 Posts)

Guest Writer

Washington University in St. Louis

Matt Agritelley is a rising senior (Class of 2018) at Washington University in St. Louis double majoring in Genomics/Computational Biology and Spanish. He is a pre-medical student passionate about effective clinical practice, equitable distribution of care and developmental models, particularly within the Hispanic community both in the United States and abroad. When he’s not studying, Matt can be found rehearsing with the Wash U. Jazz Band, writing and recording music, or running.