Through the course of medical education, students learn to call for “consults” from various medical specialties. Yet, consults can come in many forms — from social work, nutrition, law, ethics and policy. There is also much to be learned from premedical and post-bacc students, who may be walking into medicine with a fresh set of eyes. “Consults” invites experienced non-clinicians and undergraduates to contribute pieces relevant to the medical student community.

Ishaan Shah Ishaan Shah (1 Posts)

Ishaan Shah is a third-year student in the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in biology and political science. He comes from Cupertino, California. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @ishaantshah.

Kriti Prasad Kriti Prasad (1 Posts)

Pre-Medical Guest Writer

Washington University in St. Louis

Kriti Prasad is a pre-medical student with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology with a minor in French from Washington University in St. Louis (Class of 2017). Her interdisciplinary undergraduate education has fueled her passion for a more integrated, holistic, and socially responsible medicine. As a future physician, she hopes to transform this passion into purpose to better address the health needs of our underserved communities. In her free time, Kriti enjoys dancing, traveling, and cooking.