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The (extremely) Smooth Muscle


 Rather Humerus

A web comic aiming to shine a creative and Rather Humerus spotlight on med school.

Nikita Rane Nikita Rane (10 Posts)

Columnist and in-Training Staff Member

Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

A philomath expressing enthusiasm for anatomy and puns, Nikita is a Class of 2018 medical student at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She balances science and art, as artist of the medical web comic Rather Humerus. She is passionate about poetry, reading, writing, gastronomy, animals, LGBT rights, women equality and having a strong WiFi connection to the Internet. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in India, Dubai and most recently Singapore.

Rather Humerus

A web comic aiming to shine a creative and Rather Humerus spotlight on med school.