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Family Doc

How does it look, Doc?
Hand hold,
Heads fold.
Cradle to Rock.

She’s perfect, Doc.
Toddler gleams,
Mother beams.
Cradle to Rock.

It hurts badly, Doc.
Shoulder tweaks,
Syringe squeaks.
Cradle to Rock.

Is it time, Doc?
Crying baby,
Cooing lady.
Cradle to Rock.

There’s a spot on my back, Doc.
Biopsy punch,
Late for lunch.
Cradle to Rock.

What did you want to tell Doc?
Pregnant mother,
New big brother.
Cradle to Rock.

I’m feeling good today, Doc.
Breath sounds,
Heart pounds.
Cradle to Rock.

Is this goodbye, Doc?
Quiet room,
Glowing moon.
Cradle to Rock.

I’m going to miss you, Doc.
Fold white coat,
Hang up stethoscope.
Cradle to Rock.

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Hi! My name is Sarah Mortimer and I am a third year medical student at University of Wisconsin. I enjoy nature, volleyball, jogging and exploration.