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My Heart Skipped a Beat

Just a glance of you was enough;

Rapid serotonin surge giving me great triumph.

Did my heart just skip a beat?

Giving me a premature contractile treat.

Adrenaline galloped into my blood

Spawning multiple contractions that made me look ahead.

The feeling was so deep, that my cerebrum failed to process

Lashings of sensory, motor and cognitive chores.

Have waited quite long to say, “ I love you.”

But I never knew

My Wernicke’s area isn’t giving a cue.

Don’t know how to deal with this,

A shot of heroin may sometimes give me a sigh of bliss

Duplexing happily into morphine, embracing the opioid receptors;

It makes a vow to present me a warm flush of euphoria.

Oh my, was I turning blue?

A tint of cyanosis giving him a clue.

Dumbstruck seeing him walking towards me,

I just blabbered, “Are you nuts?”’

Reminded of the anaphylactic shock bestowed by peanuts during my infancy.

I have to deal simultaneously with hypoxemia and hypercapnia,

My respiratory muscles giving me a sudden shutdown.

And I was choking so hard,

Waking me suddenly from the beautiful dream I had.

Dreams are just the perfect elixir of life,

But in reality, just like opening the Pandora’s box.

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Anuja Pradeep, PharmD (1 Posts)

Guest Writer

Alshifa College of Pharmacy

I have completed my PharmD and currently working in pharmacovigilance. Being a medical professional I always will aim at making a healthy society. I strongly believe in the ideology of medical humanity and sincere patient care.