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Listening With Open Ears (2015)

Listening with Open Ears

Yan Leyfman (2015)
digital photography

Entering medical school, we are like little seeds thirsty for knowledge. The abundance of daily information affords us new experiences and the ability to grow like a flower. With time, our petals open to reveal a shiny yellow nectar-rich core indicating our progressive growth — both mind and soul. As the years progress, our stalks are longer, our colors more vibrant, and our thirst never-ending. Our enthusiasm for knowledge never subsides — only grows as our desires to make a difference in the lives of our patients are magnified. Each year brings forth new tasks, challenges and growth — all serving to make us the best health care professionals that we can be so that we can positively impact the lives of our patients just like our teachers and predecessors.

Yan Leyfman (4 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Penn State College of Medicine

Yan Leyfman is a medical student at the Penn State College of Medicine.