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Skin: Our Identity

The skin is the boldest yet most bashful organ of the body. Parts of it will be exposed to the world’s eye with no problems at all. However, other areas are so timid that they are only exposed on the most embarrassing or intimate of occasions.

The skin can tell a person’s life story — it can expose the lifelong struggles and daily grind of a coal miner, the bad habits of a longtime smoker, or the relative ease of living of a trust-fund child.

The skin can initiate almost every emotion — from pain to comfort, from love to hate — depending on how it is touched and by whom.

Our skin is how the outside world knows us. Beyond forensic fingerprints, the way it contours our body and accents our innermost features makes every person unique and special.

Skin is irreversible and alluring; perhaps if Juliet didn’t have such fair skin under the lustful moonlight, Romeo need not have died.

Vincent Venincasa (2 Posts)

Contributing Writer Emeritus

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

I am currently a Class of 2015 medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I attended college at the University of Miami. I am an avid sports fan and enjoy the humanities as well.