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Audrey Tran Audrey Tran (1 Posts)

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Oregon Health & Science University

Audrey Tran is a third year medical student at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR, in the class of 2021. In 2015, she graduated from Wellesley College with a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry. She is an interested in advocacy, health policy, and the communication of ideas to the general public through writing and illustration. In her free time, she writes and sings music, often breaking out into song in the hum of the tissue culture hoods or empty stairwells. Audrey is considering multiple specialties but is drawn to pediatrics and internal medicine.

Lawren Wooten (1 Posts)

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Georgetown University School of Medicine

Lawren Wooten is a second medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC class of 2022. In 2014, she graduated from Cornell University College of Human Ecology with a Bachelor of Science in human biology, health and society. In 2016, she graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences with a Master of Science in integrative medicine. She enjoys playing the cello, working with children and doing crosswords in her free time. After graduating medical school, Lawren would like to pursue a career in general pediatrics or a pediatric subspecialty.