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A Student of Faith and Failure

If not determination,
If not strength of will,
If not true passion,
If not a desire to heal

Genius is given,
But Providence earned,
Faith a constant test,
One that within burns

Maturity through the fire,
The taunting failures ahead,
The acceptance of fallibility,
The path he has not led

An optimist at heart,
But he must acknowledge reality,
He cannot survive this alone,
Balancing the boundaries of sanity

Why does he go on?
What could there be to gain?
The knowledge, yes for sure
Or just letters added to his name?

He accompanies the dead,
But there lies grace atop his head,
He cannot save the patient,
Pain covers like a blanket

The inhumanity of his interaction,
The ensuing chain reaction,
Lights dim,
Thoughts go grim

But there is more within,
Doubt, it grips him,
Does he have what it takes?
Under these high stakes

What would he do?
If only he knew,
The people he will heal,
But the grief seems so real

He strives to be better,
Scrolling through his Netter,
What could it be?
His eyes cannot see

Walking with the blind,
He doesn’t look behind,
Persevering and persisting,
Giving all, unresisting

At times he will fail,
But behind the golden veil,
There lies the future he seeks,
He listens to her speak

He is lifted off the floor,
“Go on. Give it more,”
Even if he cannot stand and falls,
He is shielded by the walls

But they are broken down,
He knows that he is found,
He cannot hide from love,
He looks to the sky above

For she was to him sent,
To change what he meant,
When of purpose he spoke,
When of triumph he did hope

For he is a man renewed,
Seeking what is true,
Giving in to the light,
Not relying on his might

Under the shade of the wise oak,
The wind whispers and heaves
The fog clears like smoke
He is overcome and relieved,

To others he commits,
But his career he wed,
Dazed by the hits,
A new road ahead

Affirmed to live stronger,
But weak in His arms,
Stubborn no longer,
Be not one to harm

A boy without faith,
But a man with God,
Freed from his weight,
He perseveres on.

Nathan Sherman (2 Posts)

Contributing Writer

University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson

Nathan Sherman is a medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson.