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Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako (6 Posts)


Yale School of Medicine

Max is a third-year medical student at the Yale School of Medicine, with a background in civil and environmental engineering, and bioengineering.

White Coat and a Hoodie

Attending Howard University gave Max a foundation for and continues to inform how he approaches issues related to injustice. Now in medical school, he has made it one of his focal interests to learn about and contribute to progress towards health equity, nationally and globally. Through this column, he will share stories on his experience as a Black man in medicine, and insights on topics of race, class, health equity, and medical education.

Rebirth of the Savior of Births

I had always thought of medical professionals as society’s heroes who could do no wrong, but with my own personal experiences in the back of my mind, I discovered the reality was far more complex.

The year was 2011. I was thirteen years old, and school had just let out. I walked back home, exactly four blocks away from school, left-right-left-right, lub-dub, lub-dub.

Teresia Chen Teresia Chen (1 Posts)

Pre-Medical Guest Writer

Stanford University

Teresia is a junior at Stanford University. In 2020, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Bachelor of Science in biology with concentrations in biochemistry and biophysics. Because she is a child of two immigrants from Shanghai, she is grateful for her parents who have supported her in achieving her goals. She would also like to thank her other family members, friends, professors, and mentors. In her free time, Teresia enjoys playing the violin, hanging out with friends and family, and biochemical research. After she graduates, Teresia desires to attend medical school and then pursue a career in pediatrics.