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Testimony (2016)


Vanessa Velez (2016)
pens, markers and watercolors

An explosion of peaceful energizing love
Hidden sun god and goddesses
Cropping the harvest
Illuminating fires
Vision into dimensions
Awakening the third eye

Vanessa Velez Vanessa Velez (2 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

Vanessa Velez is a fourth year medical school student at Geisinger Commonwealth Medical College interested in psychiatry. She graduated from Cornell University in 2013 and later volunteered in Los Angeles with an AmeriCorps program. On the West Coast, she began to explore her right brain and spirit. Inspired by nature, love, fellow humans, travel and relationships, Vanessa uses art to free, release and share what is being received from Divine Source. Vanessa hopes to dive further into the human experience through art and psychiatry.