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Ward Wonders

The echo of heartbeats near the newfound graves,

With the first breath of life and the last sigh of death

Waving to each other in the night.

Birthdays and funerals march along in unison, doors apart.

Faces in scrubs rise and set with the sun,

While those stuck in bed can only change their gowns, and wait.

The rhythmic beeps of machines

And the clack of shoes on the linoleum floor

Sing a comforting melody.

Armed with stethoscopes, and potions that drip into veins,

They are puzzle-masters.

Sometimes though, a piece may be missing,

Or warped to no avail.

It is magic to some,

Pulling rabbits out of hats.

But behind the puff of smoke,

All that remains is a simple person with simple tools.

Wards filled with mysteries and miracles big and small.

Lindsay Boyers Lindsay Boyers (3 Posts)

Contributing Writer Emeritus

Georgetown University School of Medicine

Lindsay Boyers is a medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine with an interest in dermatology. She graduated magna cum laude from University of California Santa Barbara in 2009 with a degree in Communications and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She enjoys both clinical medicine and research, having taken a year to conduct research at the University of Colorado in the department of dermatology. She enjoys the arts, especially painting and writing, and spending time with her family in Colorado.