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Ogaga Urhie Ogaga Urhie (0 Posts)

I am a medical student at West Virginia University and have completed my second year. I intend to pursue a residency in neurosurgery and intend to integrate clinical research into my practice. To this end, I am currently undergoing a Masters in Clinical and Translational Science (clinical research) with most of my research being in neurosurgery. I have been interested in the arts and humanities since high school and came to appreciate the poignant stories various forms of artwork tell during my university career. I enjoy observing all forms of art and actively write poetry (influenced by my love of Victorian literature). I came to realise that patients and clinicians may have their own stories to tell and that the arts and humanities can help all stakeholders better connect with stories of healthcare. In this light, I am currently involved two projects that are aiming to use narrative medicine to improve patients' quality of life.