Through the course of medical education, students learn to call for “consults” from various medical specialties. Yet, consults can come in many forms — from social work, nutrition, law, ethics and policy. There is also much to be learned from premedical and post-bacc students, who may be walking into medicine with a fresh set of eyes. “Consults” invites experienced non-clinicians and undergraduates to contribute pieces relevant to the medical student community.

Adam Barsouk Adam Barsouk (6 Posts)

Pre-Medical Guest Writer

Pennsylvania State University-Sidney Kimmel Medical College Accelerated BS/MD Program

Adam Barsouk is currently a student of Pre-medicine, Health Policy and Administration, and Anthropology at the Pennsylvania State University-Jefferson Medical College accelerated BS/MD program. As a son of Soviet Jewish escapees, Adam values the opportunity and freedom that America has provided his family, and as a current cancer researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and an aspiring physician, hopes to share this commitment by liberating the infirm from the chains of chronic disease and suffering. Adam speaks 6 languages, has visited over 30 countries, and enjoys recounting his experiences while also learning anything he can from the people and places around him.

More Than Our Genes

Fifteen percent of Americans still smoke. Seventy percent of Americans are obese or overweight. Many Americans engage in risky health behaviors that negatively affect their overall wellness. However, my grandparents were not among these. I can remember hiking in the woods with my grandfather and trying to keep up with him. I also remember a doctor’s office and how, for the first time, it was my grandfather who was the one falling behind. Among these memories …

Rahul Rajesh Rahul Rajesh (1 Posts)

Pre-Medical Guest Writer

The University of Texas at Dallas

As an undergraduate student preparing for medical school, I am looking forward to engaging in every opportunity that comes my way in order to become the best student that I can be.