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Off the Shelf is our section for creative works by medical students.

Srihari Govind (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Pondicherry

I am a medical student in the first year aged 18, studying at Mahtma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute in Pondicherry, India. Love to travel and try new food. Write a bit of poetry and most probably am going to be joining Doctors Without Borders after I finish my studies.

Transformation from md to MD

1st year of medical school: Don’t remember much. MD/PhD students, you know what I mean. Learned how to use a stethoscope. 2nd year of medical school: Everything a blur except Step 1 introduced me to my friends melatonin, Benadryl, Ambien And my best friend Lunesta. 3rd year of medical school: First clerkship: Ambulatory. First time I saw a patient by myself! It took an hour and a half! Attending happy? Attending not happy. Second clerkship: …

Reflection Through Mask-Making

On a December night in a northern suburb of Chicago, the weather outside dipped into single digits with a sub-zero wind-chill. Safely situated indoors, a group of medical students wandered into a classroom where five tables were covered by plastic tarps with another laden with pipe cleaners, acrylic paint and brushes, and a stack of blank masks. Licking the emotional wounds left by a sleep-deprived exam week that ended only three days prior, the students eyed the art supplies. They were hopeful for a means for reconcile their psyche tattered by cold and a semester of school.

Sal Aiello Sal Aiello (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Sal is an M1 at Chicago Medical School where he also serves as the Benevolent Overload of The Medical Humanities Club. In his spare time he works in the Resuscitation Institute at the University. A soccer coach once told Sal, "you are pretty agile for your body type." The description was overwhelmingly accurate.