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Humans of Medicine: Navin

navin“I guess I feel like there’s this really messed up component to all of everyone. And I think people try to suppress that too much. Something I’m trying to integrate into my identity are those aspects of myself. I think there are negative things about medicine. And I think there are negative things with me and how I handle negative things.”

Talk about you.”

“Yeah, so there’s, like, negative things in medicine like people dying, people being mean to you, and people being rude to you, and having to study. But those are things that don’t bother me and things that I’m not negatively afflicted by. But then there’s a variety of other negative things in my life that afflict me more than that.”

Such as?

“Um. So I guess the main thing is just me trying to find my space in humanity. Just trying to find my niche. My clan. You know?”

So what sort of negative emotions are you feeling due to yourself? And where are you putting them?

“My music. For sure. For me, my music is where I channel a lot of negative energy. Just like really hateful emotions that I may be feeling, or really explicit emotions I may be feeling… I channel those into my music. Because it’s a great outlet and because I love hip hop. And that’s an artistic community I want to talk to for the rest of my life. And so yeah. That’s why I make music.”

Navin is one of the bluntest individuals I have ever met. Navin is a realist who knows exactly what he wants out of his life. He maintains a consistent workout routine, Netflix routine, and also records rap music in his spare time even while completely immersed in the rigor of his studies to become a doctor. I tip my hat to Navin in admiration of his multitasking ability which so many medical professionals seem to have mastered perfectly in their work lives, but are lacking in their personal lives. He attends to his personal needs, and fully accepts the faults within himself. How many medical professionals have you met that will simply not concede a point? Well, that’s not Navin. He is full of self-acceptance and contentment. As for his music? I guess we will see. Maybe you’ll be hearing the future Dr. Oorjitham when you turn the key in your ignition on the way to work one morning one day…

Navin Oorjitham grew up in Harlingen, the most southern tip of Texas, in a place known as “The Valley.” He attended college at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he studied physics and eventually received his bachelor of arts. Navin currently attends the University of Texas Medical Branch as a second-year medical student. He is interested in emergency medicine and psychiatry at the moment.

Humans of Medicine

Humans of Medicine explores the character, struggles and humanity of the people who have devoted their lives to medicine, a compilation of stories from all practitioners of the healing arts.

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Rosemary Beavers is a medical student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She intends to specialize in neurosurgery after graduating in 2018. Rosemary is passionate about humanism in medicine, feminism and sexual assault education, all of which govern her overarching goal to open comprehensive care clinics in third world countries for survivors of sexual violence. When she’s not studying, she loves to paint & laugh with friends.

Humans of Medicine

Humans of Medicine — rather obviously modeled after Humans of New York — strives to show the personal interests, struggles and humanity that exist behind people who have devoted their lives to the medical profession. Self-identity is too often compromised for the sake of one’s career in our realm, and it’s important for the world to not forget that there exists a music lover, salsa dancer or star chef with an actual story outside of the caretaker role. Humans of Medicine is a compilation of unique stories coming from the lips of doctors, medical students, nurses, PT’s, OT’s and PA’s.