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Ross University School of Medicine

Ema is a third-year medical student at Ross University School of Medicine. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, she enjoys keeping her houseplants alive, outdoor walks and watching The Office on repeat.

My Name is Non-Negotiable

Twenty years later, I still brace myself for the mispronunciation, even if I introduce myself first and enunciate clearly. Sometimes I give up and allow the mispronunciation to continue because I feel uncomfortable correcting them repeatedly. But I shouldn’t have to. My name is my name and should not be explored, like finding synonyms in a thesaurus.

Silent Wounds

I realized that in my approach, she saw echoes of her abuser and an imbalance of power. I made sure to sit down in the chair next to her, eye level, to show her I was here to listen. No longer did I need my stethoscope. I had my most powerful tool of all, my listening skills.

Caring from a Distance

The gentle breeze of the summer evening embraces my hometown of Suwon, Korea. Holding my hand, my grandma takes small, deliberate steps forward. Two months into my fourth year of medical school, I am back home for a short break before beginning the residency application process.

More Than Skin Deep

As a future physician, this experience reminded me to remain empathetic, compassionate and unbiased in all aspects of patient care. By doing so, I can not only improve trust and connection with my patients but also ensure that my clinical judgment remains clear.

John Weng John Weng (1 Posts)

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Florida State University College of Medicine

John is a fourth-year medical student at Florida State University College of Medicine in Tallahassee, Florida, Class of 2024. In 2018, he graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Science in biology. He enjoys weight-training, playing video games and trying new foods in his free time. After graduating medical school, John aims to pursue a career in internal medicine.