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Jennifer Li (1 Posts)

Medical Student Editor

Emory University School of Medicine

Born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey and have been in Atlanta for six years now, including undergrad. Studied English Literature & Music in college. Apart from medicine, also interested in poetry, piano, tennis, cheap indie concerts, Asian-American media, intersectionality, and searching for new coffee shops to spend too much money in.


The entirety of the third year of medical school is an act. If you want to be a good medical student, you are what your team wants you to be. Amenable, pliant, easygoing — even when inside you are a bitter angry little thing who’s tired of being pushed around.

Jennifer Hong Jennifer Hong (6 Posts)

2016 Writers-in-Training Program Director

Emory School of Medicine

Hi, I'm a third year medical student at Emory University. I graduated in May 2014 from Duke University with majors in Neuroscience and English. I like fiction, penguins, discussions about race relations and feminist theory, makeup tutorials, and bubble tea. I may not be able to give you lots of medical advice, but if you need a couple cat videos to brighten up your day, you've come to the right person.