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Allison Lyle Allison Lyle (4 Posts)

Medical Student Editor and Columnist

University of Louisville School of Medicine

Allison graduated from Indiana University in 2009 with a BS in Biochemistry. She then pursued a MA degree in Bioethics and Medical Humanities from the University of Louisville, graduating in 2011. She is a second year MD candidate at the UofL School of Medicine while also pursuing the global health distinction track. Her interests include pediatric ethics, neonatology, global health, and medical humanities. When not studying, she enjoys traveling, hiking, writing, and spending time with her husband and infant daughter.

Cheerios and Stethoscopes

All about starting and raising a family while being a physician-in-training.

Better Mom, Better Doctor

Few joys in my life compare to that moment in November of 2011 when I opened that fateful letter granting me a spot in medical school. As I hopped for joy, I had no idea that I was celebrating with the person who would provide me with immeasurable joy for the rest of my life — the kind of joy that does not lend itself to metaphor, literary nuance or even the best descriptive talents. …

Doctor Dad: A Husband and Father of Three in Med School

How do you find a balance in medical school? “There is no balance,” she said. This was not what I wanted to hear. We were talking about remaining competitive in medical school without giving up a social life. This administrator is an MD and has a PhD in education; she knows what she’s saying. She explained how her eight-year-old gets a few hours after work, but then she often sacrifices sleep to stay on top …

Mommy MD to Be

I am about to enter one of the most exciting times of my medical school training—my fourth year. This upcoming year is a time filled with Step 2 board studying, elective rotations and, of course, the application process for the 2014 Match. This time is both exciting and scary because I will be working in specialties that I may never do again while at the same time selecting and preparing for a specialty that I …

Kerri Vincenti Kerri Vincenti (2 Posts)

Contributing Writer Emeritus

George Washington University School of Medicine

Kerri Vincenti is in the Class of 2014 at The George Washington University School of Medicine. She will be specializing in radiology and plans to complete both her preliminary medicine intern year and radiology residency at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

Prior to coming to medical school, she worked in advertising for almost two years after graduating from the University of Delaware with a BS in marketing and management. She is married and currently living in Virginia. In addition to writing, Kerri enjoys amateur photography and international travel.