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Sarah Olofsson (1 Posts)

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Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Sarah is a third year medical student at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degrees in Science, Technology, and Society and Spanish from Butler University. At SLU, she was president of the Global Health Learning Community, while also serving on the executive board of the student run free clinic. Her interests include healthcare policy and global health.

Her Wardrobe

In high school, I was obsessed with wearing only vintage clothing. After hours of painstakingly searching every clothing rack at Goodwill, I would find a well-worn baseball jersey or an elaborately bejeweled Christmas sweater. I felt a sense of immense pride in reclaiming someone else’s memories — their winning games, their holiday parties – in an attempt to express my “uniqueness”.


The entirety of the third year of medical school is an act. If you want to be a good medical student, you are what your team wants you to be. Amenable, pliant, easygoing — even when inside you are a bitter angry little thing who’s tired of being pushed around.


“From now on,” our deans told us at orientation, “society will see you as a doctor. Sometimes you may not feel like one, but that is what you are becoming. This week marks the beginning of that transition, which will continue in the months and years to come.”

Thomas Sun Thomas Sun (1 Posts)

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Yale School of Medicine

Thomas is a fourth year medical student at Yale. He graduated from Columbia University in 2011 majoring in philosophy and after that taught English in rural France for a year. He will be an internal medicine intern at Stanford. He loves fantasy/science fiction and creative writing. His super far-fetched dream is to write a fantasy novel one day.