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Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

I am a second year medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, in Philadelphia. When I am not dressed in a white coat or poring over lecture notes, you can often find me pursuing my passions in history, digital art, running, and lifting weighted disks.

A Lesson in Fragility

On the first day of my psychiatry rotation I was anxious, and like most students I worried. I worried I would not have anything to say and I worried I would say too much. I worried I would say the wrong thing at the wrong time and I worried that my words would be more consequential than I ever intended them to be. I worried about my worry.

Parsa Salehi Parsa Salehi (2 Posts)

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Drexel University College of Medicine

Parsa attended Cornell University as an undergraduate, where he majored in Human Biology. He had a particular interest in nutrition, healthcare policy, near eastern studies, and human development while in Ithaca. He is finishing up his medical school years, as part of Drexel University College of Medicine's Class of 2017. He enjoys basketball (Go Mavs!), skiing, debate/public speaking, fitness, travel, nature, cooking, poetry, and spending time with friends/family.