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Anatomical Theater

In the theater I saw you,
white coat and big eyes.
You studied the cranium,
I studied your smile.

In the corridor we met,
two coats and a glimpse.
You laughed at a joke,
I thought of a sin.

The theater we left,
two coats in our hands.
You remembered my smile,
I‘ve loved you since.

Kamiar-K. Rueckert Kamiar-K. Rueckert (6 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Riga Stradins University

In 2019 Kamiar K. Rueckert finished Medical School in Riga, Latvia. In 2016, he founded in order to establish a foundation for students to learn about emotions in healthcare and psychosomatic concepts. He likes Hummus, continental philosophy and smoked Blutwurst. His previous articles have been published in and the printed and online version of the Latvian student magazine