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Anecdotes from the Wards

Scene I: 7:30 a.m. in the OR at the VA

[Elderly gentleman with too many comorbidities to be induced into sleep. He is given local anesthesia and lies draped on the operating table. General surgery is suctioning a fluctuant mass from his upper left thorax. Case has been opened.]

Patient behind curtain: Oh, God. Oh, God! Errrgggggh!

Anesthesiologist: We’re just gonna give you some more medicine.

Chief Resident: It’s right around your broken rib. There are some nerves there. [Takes forceps and widens wound. Medical student stares at the wound.]

Patient: What do you want me to do?! [whimpers and voice begins to fade] I’m in pain! I’m in pain.

Patient: Oh, Lord! It hurts! It just hurts! Orrrggghhh!

Chief Resident [to the curtain]: You have a bad infection. It’ll only be a little longer.

Patient: Ahhhhh! Make it stop! When is it going to end?! Aggghhhhh!

Chief Resident [looks at the medical student, and speaks to him for the first time in three days as yellow pus and blood pour through the tube]: Mmmmmmm … Satisfying. [Patient howls in background.]

Scene II: Morning in the OR

[Male patient anesthetized and lying on operating table for open inguinal hernia repair. Bearded Chief is finishing opening the case. Tom Petty’s “Free-Fallin'” begins to play on the radio].

Bearded Chief [running the scalpel over skin]: This is an appropriate song.

Attending: What do you mean?

[Medical student blinks.]

Bearded Chief: “Free-Fallin’.” [Glances up and starts to cauterize.]

Attending [hands resting on the patient’s right side]: “Um … I don’t see it. But I hope not.”

Bearded Chief [buzzing some fascia]: More like “free-ballin’.”

Attending: That’s not a song.

Bearded Chief [chuckles]: “It is in my heart.”


Attending: Okay.

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