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Alexander Yang Alexander Yang (1 Posts)

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Wayne State University

Alexander Yang is a 6th year MD/PhD student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI class of 2022. He graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience. In my free time he likes to cook, exercise, and play videogames. He is active on Twitter @MDPhDinProgress. After graduating medical school, he would like to pursue a career as a physician-scientist in hepatology.

Up The Cross: The Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre

In collaboration with the Australian-American Fulbright Program, I spent 2019-2020 examining the treatment of substance use disorders in Australia through the lens of animation. As part of this project, I created a pair of educational animations focusing on the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) in Sydney’s Kings Cross. This series, entitled Up the Cross: The Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre, examines the founding, protocols and benefits of the MSIC, which was established in 2001.

Silver Lining

The world is quarantined, but we have learned to be human again. Rather than tirelessly working or studying, we are forced to engage with one another in meaningful ways. We find novel alternatives to maintain relationships with those who mean the most to us during this daunting time with no foreseeable end.

Dust to Dust

“There’s a great neuro exam in room 5147,” my resident said as I dropped my bag in the call room. “Why don’t you go check it out?” I clutched my reflex hammer in one hand and googled the components of a neuro exam with the other as I headed towards the stairwell.

Alyssa Levine Alyssa Levine (1 Posts)

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Emory School of Medicine

Aly is a 4th year medical student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, she traveled to the east coast to attend Williams College. She graduated from Williams in 2010 with a degree in sociology. Prior to moving to ATL for medical school, she worked as a research assistant for a pediatric oncologist in Boston. She is planning on going into pediatrics, and has an interest in palliative care. Her non-medical interests include swimming, weightlifting, cycling, and Trader Joes.