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Bedside Bidding

Never grow old she says,
As the IV beeps and her SCDs hum.
Enjoy your youth she says,
As her body creaks and her fingers drum.

Explore and travel she says,
As her breath wheezes and her heart beats battle.
Sing and dance she says,
As a cough erupts and her ribs rattle.

Live each day she says,
As her fever breaks and she shivers with chill.
Always be kind she says,
As her counsel peaks and her earnest words spill.

Love your spouse she says,
As her mouth softens and her tears shed.
Do not delay she says,
As her eyes close and she rests her head.

Never grow old she says
As her heartbeat slows and her breaths shallow.
Never grow old she says,
As her soul sleeps and her words we hallow.

Sarah Mortimer Sarah Mortimer (3 Posts)

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University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Hi! My name is Sarah Mortimer and I am a third year medical student at University of Wisconsin. I enjoy nature, volleyball, jogging and exploration.