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Nisitha Sengottuvel Nisitha Sengottuvel (2 Posts)

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The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Nisitha is a third year MD/PhD student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Her PhD will be in genetics with an emphasis in lung cancer metastasis. In 2016, she graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in molecular genetics. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and singing.

First Day

After our first week on clinical rotations, my third-year medical student colleagues laughed about the silly and awkward things that made their first days hard. Someone was shunned for bumping into the sterile field during their first operation. Someone else couldn’t figure out the scrub machines and was stuck mismatching for the day.

Small Differences in the Face of Death

Every medical student has felt apprehensive about facing death at some point, right? Maybe you have experienced someone dying before, or maybe it is something you have never seen and only rarely contemplated. Regardless, there is a subtle tension lurking during your first two years of pre-clinical studies, during which disease and death are intellectualized and abstract. Then clerkships start.

Johanna Balas Johanna Balas (1 Posts)

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Rush Medical College

Johanna Balas is a third-year medical student at Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois class of 2023. In 2018, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in economics and biology. She enjoys drawing (@jojis.abyss on Instagram), going on hikes, and spending time with loved ones in her free time. After graduating from medical school, Johanna would like to pursue a career in internal medicine in the hopes of becoming a hematologist-oncologist.