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Mason Horne Mason Horne (1 Posts)

Contributing Writer

Albany Medical College

I'm a medical student at Albany Medical College in Albany, New York class of 2025. In 2014 I graduated from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY with a Bachelor of Science in applied biology. I graduated from Russell Sage Graduate College in 2017 with a Doctorate of physical therapy. In my free time I love playing with my dog, she's an aussiedoodle named baby and she's the absolute best! I also love to travel during my breaks and explore the world. After graduating medical school I plan to pursue a career as a plastic surgeon.

Volunteering in Medical School: A Waste of Time?

“Are you going to sign up to volunteer this quarter?” I asked my classmate after hearing about an upcoming volunteering opportunity for a homeless shelter clinic. “Volunteering? Why?” came a brisk and seemingly astonished response from her. “Uh, well, it’s a good opportunity to gain some clinical skills,” I responded, “and don’t you wanna have some volunteering experience when you apply for residency?” “It’s a waste of time! Residencies only care about good grades and …

A Night at the Homeless Shelter

Tonight is not any different. A list of twenty-five patients to be seen. A standing room full of eager volunteer medical students — who just can’t wait to do some doctoring — and a lone attending physician, a family physician who probably enjoys seeing the medical students acting important, walking around with their shiny stethoscopes around their necks, more than anything else. On second thought, maybe the doctor is here every week because he wants …

Sixteen Days

“I dream of being back in Huancavelica. In my dream, I was already there. Somehow I skipped all the flying and bus travelling. I was among the Andean mountains, hiking up to the highest peak, and looking down the gorgeous valley. From the horizon, the first blood-red ray of sunlight — untainted of any poison, undeterred of Spaniard conquistadors — rose behind the rugged mountains, painted a mural of warrior figures, llamas heads, potato fields, and …

A Simple Question

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to participate at a community clinic in conducting physical examinations that includes a thorough male genital check for inguinal herniations.  It was an organized event which occurs yearly “to promote the well-being of high school and college student athletes by providing comprehensive physical screenings, free of charge, to all students participating in interscholastic athletics or allied activities” with the help of healthcare student volunteers (medical, dental, nursing, or physician …

Jimmy Tam Huy Pham Jimmy Tam Huy Pham (4 Posts)

Columnist and Editor Emeritus: Former Medical Student Editor (2012-2015)

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Jimmy is residing in Phoenix, Arizona. He received his undergraduate degrees from California State University of Long Beach. Actively involved in research, his interests include internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, and medical humanities.

Jimmy also volunteers at local community events and non-profit clinics in the Phoenix, Arizona and Orange County, California areas. Web: jimmytamhuypham.com