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I don’t look both ways when I cross the street
Sometimes I forget I’m alive
I take a step onto the road
Cars might whiz by,
Obliterating every inch of me
I’ll turn to dust
Holi powder on a car
Or I’ll just arrive safely
Across the street
Stare at a tree
Just drift and drift

Rohit Mukherjee Rohit Mukherjee (6 Posts)


Drexel University College of Medicine

Rohit is a second year medical student at Drexel University College of Medicine. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2012, and then went on to teach reading to elementary school students for two years. After teaching, he worked in health policy for a year, and then matriculated to medical school. Currently, he is pursuing an MD/MPH degree and hopes to work in community health and harm reduction. He is passionate about health equity, LGBTQ rights, and racial justice. By far, his greatest skill is reciting lines from Pixar’s Up.