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EPIC Smartphrase: “.residenteval”

Resident Evaluation Form:

Please comment on your experience working with the resident physician.

Good times have never passed as quickly as the three months, ten days and twelve hours I have spent under Dr. ***’s service. From the start of the rotation on *** at ***, I was very quickly introduced to Dr. ***’s sheer professionalism, patience and respect. Dr. *** exemplifies what is essential to the medical student’s learning experience under trying times. My biceps bulge from hours of daily retracting, and I feel more confident in my clinical skills, especially with ***’s willingness to coach me on my mistakes, no matter how pressed for time or how late in the day. Dr. ***’s kindness and leadership even extended beyond the hospital wards. On a hectic shift, Dr. *** entrusted me with the task of buying donuts for the entire unit! Never have I seen a resident go so far out of his/her way to ensure I used my time wisely, and of the eighty mandatory evals I’ve done on this rotation, this will truly be my most memorable. Read the first letter of each line on this evaluation, and you will have my utmost gratitude.


***, MS-III

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Andrew is a fourth year medical student at University of California, San Diego SOM in La Jolla, CA, class of 2020. In 2013, he graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in history. He enjoys collecting vintage wristwatches and writing flash fiction. He is currently applying into emergency medicine.