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What have I done with my life?
The lightning lighting up
the hospital room floor.
Why did I have to die?
The clock taking an eternity
to move its fragile hand.

What did I do wrong, doc?
Was it something I said?
“No, it’s just a part of life,
that every one of us dread.”

“It rains on everyone,
the rich and the poor.
Time waits for no one,
always settling life’s score.”

Now through this window, at last moments I gaze,
Give me perspective, this Lord I pray.

Wesley Thomas Wesley Thomas (2 Posts)

Contributing Writer

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Wesley Thomas graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelors in Microbiology. He is interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics and hopes to work both abroad and in his home state. Currently, Wesley is a medical student at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.