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An addict in detox, again.
Chief complaint of “at his wits’ end”
Manipulation, his malicious game.
Life flickered like a heroin flame.

Only to be left out in the cold,
Fore his soul he sold.
Creased face of a story untold,
Forever trapped in a society mold.
Faceless voices ever scold.
The hand he is dealt, fold.

Desperate, alone, starved.
In this grave he carved.

Yet, there is a light.
Hands clasped tight.
Nothing left to do but fight.
Demons retreat in fright.
Latest symptom, insight.
Retiring the abuse tonight.

The real world hits like a freight train.
Old thrills and cravings remain.
An addict in detox, again.
Will this spiral ever end?

Sarah Mortimer Sarah Mortimer (3 Posts)

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University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Hi! My name is Sarah Mortimer and I am a third year medical student at University of Wisconsin. I enjoy nature, volleyball, jogging and exploration.