Doctor's Orders, in-Training 10-Year Anniversary
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Staying Human in Medicine, by Kevin Dueck, MD

This April marked the 10-year anniversary of the founding of in-Training, and we invited all members of the in-Training family to contribute articles and other artistic works to celebrate our first decade as the premier online peer-reviewed publication by and for the medical student community.

Dr. Kevin Dueck, MD is an adjunct professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University and practices rural family medicine and addiction medicine, and he contributes this video presentation as a former in-Training writer.

This fall, it will be 10 years since I started medical school. At the start of that journey, I had just completed a masters in medical microbiology and was entirely research focused. Over my medical school training through encounters with peers, patients, and personal interactions with the health care system, I began to write and create, reading other’s work in the health humanities space and exploring different ways of expression, including graphic medicine.

in-Training was one of the few venues that published reflections with a focus on advocacy and giving a voice to those early in their medical journey. I was fortunate to have my work published on in-Training and found their editors and community incredibly supportive.

In this presentation, I discuss some of my journey over the last 10 years and how I have use the humanities to process difficult events, give perspective, and share my use of improv principles to use creativity and stay present in clinical encounters.

Kevin Dueck, MD Kevin Dueck, MD (4 Posts)

Contributing Writer Emeritus

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University

Dr. Dueck practices emergency medicine, primary care, and addiction medicine. He is an adjunct professor in Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University and completed residency at McMaster University. He is active in the medical humanities, the author of the blog Aboot Medicine, and co-founder of the student wellness project Western Vitals.