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stronger in the broken places

his eyes beyond his glasses
dart from me
rest on the corners

sharp, the sound of knuckles
strike each other
lips in a mournful pucker

a mother’s death
broken, he said
my world after her

a glance at his chart
he’s forty-seven

heaving sobs
and red-faced grief
know no time and
forget themselves

the black of my eyes
widen to hold him

am I boring you?
I’m sorry

deep breath please

Aleksandra Bacewicz Aleksandra Bacewicz (6 Posts)

Contributing Writer

University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

I am currently a fourth year medical student in the SELECT Program at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine. With a background in Spanish Literature and Public Health, I am interested in the intersection of medicine and the humanities. I have a particular interest in the understanding of disease through the lens of psychosocial issues, the correctional healthcare system, and underserved populations. I am passionate about observing and writing about medical culture, and how we, as patients and providers, experience it.