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Olivia Davies Olivia Davies (1 Posts)

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Medical College of Wisconsin

Olivia is a third year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin class of 2021. In 2013 she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in medical microbiology & immunology and Spanish. She enjoys NYT crosswords, finding new places to enjoy cappuccinos, and taking photos of family and friends in her free time. After graduating medical school, Olivia would like to pursue a career in dermatology.


I had been invited to the general surgery journal club. In the sweltering heat of a southern summer, I dressed as crisply as possible because I had no idea what to expect. While I embraced this opportunity, I had only been invited because another medical student had fallen ill.


I know that being a third-year medical student is like being a transplanted kidney. One starts the day in one body. School is composed of lecture halls and written exams. However, the world has shifted by the end of the day, and shockingly, one’s old body is not present.

Lacey Castellano, MD (1 Posts)

Resident Physician Guest Writer

Virginia Commonwealth University Pediatrics Residency

I am a third year pediatric resident at the Children's Hospital of Richmond in Virginia. I am going into pediatric hospital medicine. I have a special interest in making medicine more empathetic and humanistic, for both our patients and ourselves.