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I found such peace in our stillness.
Your stomach rumblings almost music.
I caught myself peeking ever so often,
to find solace in your breathing.
I tried not to be the cause of cacophony,
so unfallen tears clogged my nose
and sniffles lay buried in my sweater.
My face covered by your blanket,
I tried to limit my imagination.
So I cherished today’s moments
and found joy in this house’s memories.
Your body’s warmth next to mine;
your presence entwined with mine.
I sought peace in our stillness,

I spent a portion of Thanksgiving Day napping with my grandmother and hoping she would be declared cancer-free so we could share more holidays together.

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Joniqua Ceasar is a member of Baylor College of Medicine's Class of 2020. She is passionate about social justice within medicine and plans to engage in a career of public health. When she isn't in the hospital, you can find her working on a DIY craft project, tweeting via @rxforjustice, or snapping photos on her DSLR.