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The Tomato Plant

We work in a hospital
Like the tomato plant
Serving a garden community

Green, then yellow, then orange,
With stretch marks, bites and pits
Often lumpy and bumpy,
Our fruits are juicy and rich

We grow among the other plants
The slim chili peppers and the beans
These others grow
Perfectly the same, it seems

These plants seemed to work harder
Efficient and streamlined
Diligently, these experts
Bear produce on their vines

And there we are, the tomato plants,
Scolding ourselves constantly
Not yielding perfect fruit
Despite working productively

Neighbors are thankful
For the many gifts, as am I
Yet, I wonder why we plants
Ignore the gratitude passed by

Trying to fit in with
The lettuce and peas,
We still yearn to grow
As tall as the trees.

Poetry Thursdays is a weekly newsletter that highlights poems by medical students and physicians. This initiative is led by Slavena Salve Nissan at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Slavena.

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Vaama Patel is a fourth year medical student from WSU Boonshoft School of Medicine who enjoys exploring cities, meeting new people, and hearing good stories.