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Calmly Collected

My relaxed reveal
faked a fool
while tanking time
with failing fuel.

I’m sitting still
while pulses pound,
my eyes and ears
see silent sounds.

I try to taint
extreme emotions
while drowning down
open oceans.

Daunting death
with taste of tarts
my throat tightens
hurting my heaving heart.

My breath is bitten
by fixated fear
with pools pouring
toughened tears.

Quickening questions
swirl in my spinning seat.
My wobbling world
depletes discrete.

And so it begins:

Relaxed reveal
faked a fool
tanking time
failing fuel

Sitting still
pulses pound
eyes and ears
see silent sounds.

Try to taint
extreme emotions
drowning down
open oceans

Daunting death
tasting tart
throat tightens
heaving heart

Bitten breath,
fixated fear,
pools pouring
tough tears

Quickening questions
spinning seats
wobbly world
depletes discreet

I try again to compose my thoughts:

Revealed a fool,
in time no fuel
Still pounds
silent sounds
Taint emotions
drowning oceans
Deaths tart
tightening heart
Breathless fear
pouring tears
Quick seat
worlds discrete

It’s not working:

fool fuel
pounds sounds
emotional ocean
tart heart
fearful tears
seats discrete

Anxiety Attack

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Holly Ingram is a fourth-year medical student at the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in biology with minors in chemistry and anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her free time, Holly enjoys playing soccer and visiting waterfalls. After medical school, Holly would like to pursue a career in pediatrics.