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what are you doing?

i don’t understand.

you’re taking lives

with the iron in your hands.

it’s cold outside

so you’re packing heat.

you want to feel strong

but your mind is weak.


new drills for the kids

hypervigilant adults.

you’re making things worse

rubbing wounds with the salt

from their own sweat

dripping in fear

that if they turn the corner

you’ll be near.


morning rain brings

more lives lost.

mourning cries for those

who paid the cost.

what was the quick

transaction for?

mental health

for death’s door.

or is it more?

is there a cure?

i’m not sure.

please, no more.



*For context, this was written after the Orange mass shooting in March, 2021. I had woken up to the news about a mom who was shot and had lost her son, whom she was holding at the time in the shooting. It was a rainy day outside, which felt reflective of the somber mood. Like others, I so badly wanted the shootings to stop, and then wrote the above.

Image credit: “Empty classroom” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by dharder9475

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