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Our Neighbors

they are
people first
more than just numbers and
statistics on a computer screen

they are
friends and daughters
brothers and fathers
children who grew up too fast

they are
our neighbors
and we are called to
do justice, love mercy,
to walk with them humbly

This is a poem inspired by my experiences of meeting people experiencing homelessness in our community. This past year I participated in a preclinical elective at our medical school called Homeless Communities: Health Outreach and Education. As part of the course, we accompanied a street outreach team of a psychiatrist and social worker to assist in the engagement and care of individuals experiencing homelessness in the local area. I learned a lot about the challenges they face, from trauma to substance use, to social determinants of health and the need for healthcare reform. As medical students and future healthcare providers, I hope we can seek to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly.

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Warren Alpert Medical School

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Anna Delamerced is a 2nd-year medical student at Brown University, with a background in Public Health and creative writing. As she continues on this journey, she is grateful to learn from teachers and fellow classmates. If you have a story to share, she'd love to hear from you.