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University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Andres is a fourth year medical student and dual degree M.B.A. student at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School in Philadelphia, PA class of 2020. In 2015, he graduated as Valedictorian from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical science. He enjoys sports, working out with his friends, and playing with his two cats. After graduating medical school, Andres will be pursuing a career in plastic surgery.

Embracing Alphabet Soup: The Importance of Dual Degree Programs in Medical Education and Health Care

As medical students, we marvel at the endless combinations of letters often embroidered on white coats representing physicians’ degrees and association affiliations – MD, MBBS, DO, PhD, MSc, MBA, MPH, MPP, MS, MTR, JD, MSHP and so on. This “alphabet soup” represents the important diversity that exists in our profession. Medicine and health care at-large stand to benefit from physicians with a diverse array of experiences and backgrounds.

The Story of the American Medical Association’s New Policy on Children with Incarcerated Parents

The United States is the most heavily incarcerated country in the developed world, and with that comes many secondary consequences, including children growing up with incarcerated parents. Although efforts have been made to mitigate the harm associated with having an incarcerated parent, few are focused on meeting the direct health needs of these children through preventative health care.

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Ishaan Shah is a third-year student in the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in biology and political science. He comes from Cupertino, California. You can reach out to him on Twitter at @ishaantshah.